tirsdag 6. september 2011

Diemme AW 11

Roccia Wet / White Cristy / Vesuvio Suede / Cappucino

Roccia Wet / White Cristy / Vesuvio Suede / Deep

Roccia Wet / Begonia / Full Grain Leather / Mogano Original

Roccia Wet / Begonia / Full Grain Leather / Black

Pepper presenterer Diemme.

"Diemme footwear is a shoe manufacturer located in Onè di Fonte, a small town in the Montebelluna district of northeast Italy.
With an extensive attention to detail and craftsmanship, Diemme is commonly known for their production of high mountaineering, trekking, military, safety and hunting footwear. As a family-owned company founded in 1992, Diemme is run and operated by brothers Maico and Dennis Signor, who both grew up working in the boot making industry and still work alongside their employees in the Diemme production hall.

”Made in Montebelluna”, by industry standards a trademark in itself, explains the districts reputed merit for excellent craftsmanship and high quality materials dating back to the 1870s. In the earlier days the local shoemakers began making boots for woodcutters and mountain people in the area, whereas today production in Montebelluna is recognized as one of the most dominant areas for research and production of technical and performance footwear."

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