onsdag 21. mars 2012

Pepper presenterer - Soulland

Soulland sin fantastiske vårkolleksjon i butikk nå!

"Soulland’s head designer, Silas Adler (b. 1985), founded Soulland in 2002 and what started as a small company specialized in print t-shirts has now grown into a well-established menswear brand represented in leading stores across the world.
Soulland’s design esthetic is rooted in traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship and through great attention to the detailing of the clothes, classic menswear is reinterpreted with a present-day esthetic. This approach is recognizable in key Soulland items such as the Adler Fedora, which merges a classic fedora hat with a baseball cap, and in the Bomholt pants with elastic ribs."

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